Schietbaanlaan 62, Rotterdam



zapłać kartą łatwe parkowanie turyści mogą strefa dla palących Informacja nie została zweryfikowana przez Greenmeister.

Godziny otwarcia




Unusual haze, fluffy clouds. Solid bang for your 3uro! Despite the tacky name and being a little ways out, this is probably my 2nd favorite shop in town. Good prices for what you get which is a substantial flowers with glistening trichomes full of cannabinoids and terpenes. Perhaps the butcher shop equivalent, the grass feels more home-grown and natural than some other shops in the area (see my reviews) and London could easily be considered a hidden gem. I didn’t go inside to drink coffee so this review pertains only to the quality of the product itself and not the interior location. B Vaporizer test: slower burn, scrumptious, solid. 4.3/5


altijd suppergoede kwaliteit en vriendelijke bediening!! beste weed aan mooie prijs van rotterdam, kom er al jaren en nog nooit ontevreden geweest...!


My first impression was very good. It became easily one of my fav in town. The buds a fragrant and swollen,cleaned nicely with no leaves. Very good service. Worth a visit


My favorite shop in town the second time i came around he already remembered me. The service is amazing and they let you take your time because they know hasty decisions are never the best decisions. Their weed is the best quality for the price.